Corporate Explainer Videos


Welcome to the corporate video section of Checkout the video for a short presentation on what makes videos such powerful communicators and how they're best applied by corporations.

About Us was started mid 2013 with the goal of making affordable explainer videos. Since then our team has grown to 10 members including artists, project managers, coding and business administration. To minimise fix costs most of our production is done with approved freelancers. To allow for high productivity and scalability all processes have been standardised and broken down to basic components.

Getting Started

Our online app development is a major part of our efforts to reduce costs and make the process more convenient. We offer a series of different packages ranging from effective and affordable to more elaborate options starting from $600 to $3000+. You can easily find what's right for you by playing around with your fun PRICING TOOL.


Even more important is our collaboration workspace. This is where you get to preview and approve scripts and illustrations before moving through the steps to the finished video. It has its own advanced commenting system to which you can invite as many collaborators as you like and its built-in notification system means you'll always be updated on the production. Instead of flooding your email with irrelevant replies you'll get a summary notification when your attention is needed. You can click on the image and click next to see a "scene" in action.


MinuteVideos has become one of the world's best offers for explainer videos, chosen by the Thai government, UNESCO, MIT Sloan, Microsoft and other blue chip organisations. Our videos have been shared extensively on social media reaching millions in Thailand and abroad. As a testament to the quality of our videos checkout our latest collaboration with the Wharton business school to the right. What will your video explain?.